Resources for teaching

Several efforts are underway to gather and distribute self-help resources to students regarding alternative instruction expectations and Internet access options. We are working on a quick FAQ regarding likely student concerns with moving to alternative instruction such as not having access to a computer or the Internet, financial strain due to loss of employment hours, and mental/emotional fatigue from this pandemic. Please be confident in knowing as you are moving to alternative instruction, Student Success Services is moving to an “alternative delivery of student support.” Examples of this are and not limited to virtual advising and counseling appointments using video conferencing, automated student emergency fund assistance, food delivery from Mott Eats (partnering with UAW), increased bandwidth in online tutoring support, and limited Chromebook checkouts for the reminder of this term.

Later this week, I will send an email reviewing how to send an Early Alert. We all know the importance of early alerts, but their value has just skyrocketed with this environmental shift. In short, faculty are strongly encouraged to send early alerts by Wednesday March 25th if a student has not responded to your new instructional delivery. We are creating a special “flag” for reporting purposes as our retention efforts in this endeavor will be questioned by various regulatory agencies.

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