Furthering Passion for Educational Pursuits in Science and Medicine

The Hekmati family has established an endowment, the Dr. Ali and Ms. Behnaz Hekmati Scholarship Endowment Fund, in both their honor and in legacy to Dr. Ali Hekmati in furthering passion for science and medicine. Your tax-deductible donations can be sent via online or by mail. All proceeds will provide scholarships to student scholars with demonstrated financial need.

Dr. Ali and Ms. Behnaz Hekmati Scholarship Endowment

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Dr. Ali and Ms. Behnaz Hekmati Scholarship Endowment Fund
The Foundation for Mott Community College
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Dr. Ali and Ms. Behnaz Hekmati
Dr. Ali and Behnaz Hekmati

Dr. Ali M. Hekmati


Dr. Ali Mirza Hekmati, long time Flint Township, MI resident, was a tenured professor, esteemed microbiologist, and published author. He obtained his Ph.D. in Microbiology from Northern Arizona University in 1985, and his undergraduate baccalaureate studies at Southern Illinois University. He was a professor for over 40 years, and was a tenured professor of microbiology, genetics, anatomy and physiology with respective lab courses at Charles Stewart Mott College for over 23 of those years (1990-2013), serving on the board of faculty and advisement.

Affectionately referred to as "Dr. H," Dr. Hekmati had a contagious passion and excitement for the field of microbiology, science, and academics. He trained many present-day physicians and nurses who completed his college level courses in microbiology, genetics, and anatomy and physiology. Even years later, his former students would recognize him and remark, "Dr. H! You were my favorite professor!" Dr. Hekmati also served on the board of judges with the Science Olympiad at Kettering University and mentored many students interested in medicine and the field of science.

Dr. Hekmati had a strong singing voice and appreciation of music. He was an avid “ping pong champ” and backgammon player, and loved hiking the Grand Canyon and trails in Michigan. He was also fluent in multiple languages, and served for many years in his spare time as a Spanish interpreter with the International Institute.

Dr. Hekmati married his wife of 41 years Ms. Behnaz Hekmati on January 12, 1979 in a beautiful private ceremony. Ms. Hekmati obtained a Bachelor’s degree with dual major in Business Administration and Computer Programming from Wayne State College in 1990 and obtained a Bachelors in Accounting from Farah Pahlavi University. Ms. Hekmati is presently an accomplished accountant within the Greater Flint community and has served as a senior tax analyst for H&R Block for the past 30 years with a long-established clientele and many service accolades. She enjoys traveling with family, cooking, reading, socializing with friends and family, and enjoying time with her grandchildren.

Dr. Hekmati and his wife together raised two daughters, Sarah and Leila, and two sons, Amir and Omeed. The children are all graduates from Carman Ainsworth High School and have obtained advanced degrees with honors from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and New York University.

Dr. Hekmati is survived by his wife of 41 years, Ms. Behnaz Hekmati, his eldest daughter Sarah and son in law Dr. Ramy Kurdi, twins Amir and Leila, youngest son Omeed, and grandchildren Sami and Maya.

Dr. Hekmati will forever be remembered for his brilliance in the field of science; his charm, wit, warmth, kind nature, positivity, humility, and in the impact he made in the lives of thousands of students and health care professionals practicing today, present students who continue to study from the textbooks he personally developed and published, and for the future students provided financial awards in his honor. Most importantly, he will be remembered forever in the heart of his family and loved ones who love him dearly for the family man that he was and for creating a beautiful life for them.

Dr. Hekmati lived a full, rich life and continued to live with a deep sense of gratitude and joyful demeanor surrounded by his family until his death. He is already deeply missed by his family and loved ones.