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2022 Student Art Show Awards

64th Annual Student Art Show May 16th - June 10, 2022
- James Naegle

Art Show Announcement Award

Students from the Design Center (DESN-105/205) submit designs for consideration to serve as the announcement for the Student Art Show. The Art Faculty review these submissions and select a design that best represents the department, college, and our mission.

  • Art Show Announcement Award: James Naegle

Art Achievement Award

The Art Achievement Award winners are identified by the faculty on the basis of outstanding artistic merit and achievement in several studios and graphic design courses during their first and second years of study.

  • 1st Year Studio Art Achievement Award: Brandon Emmons
  • 2nd Year Studio Art Achievement Award: Jane Voorheis
  • 1st Year Graphic Design Achievement Award: Emily Ledbetter
  • 2nd Year Graphic Design Achievement Award: James Naegle

Faculty Recognition Award

The Faculty Recognition Award recognizes advanced students who have demonstrated consistent dedication to the quality and scope of their work, tremendous growth throughout their Mott career, and who show the promise for a successful future. Nominated by members of the faculty, in their area of concentration, these awards may only be earned once during their studies at Mott. This year the awards go to:

  • Faculty Recognition Award - Studio Art: Gracie Mersino
  • Faculty Recognition Award - Graphic Design: Lorena Haber

2022 Purchase Awards

President Walker-Griffea Art Award: Michael Close "Michael Close - Milky Way Over Waugoshance Point" Photography

The-Associate-Vice-President-for-Institutional-Advancement-Dale-Weighill-Thinks-Your-Art-Is-Awesome Award: Shanila Hemphill "Food Scenes" Photography

Dean Myszenski Art Award: Michael Close "Sunrise at Oscoda Pier" Photography