What do you do when you see someone who is not practicing the Standards?

If an MCC employee, student, onsite partner, or visitor observes someone who is not complying with the College’s Reopening Standards, that person should first politely remind the individual of the Standards established by the College (if the person feels comfortable doing so).

In the event the noncompliant individual continues to disregard the Reopening Standards and/or if the observer does not feel comfortable approaching the individual, they may contact MCC Public Safety to report the noncompliance.

Public Safety will then respond and politely remind the noncompliant individual of the importance of adhering to MCC’s Reopening Standards and request that they come into compliance. If the individual becomes compliant, nothing further will occur. If the individual refuses to comply, MCC Public Safety has the authority to remove the person from the College.

If an individual demonstrates repeated noncompliance with the College’s Reopening Standards, Public Safety will either work with the individual’s manager (if the person is an employee) or with staff in Student Success Services (if the person is a student) to try to further educate and bring the individual into compliance.

In the event that a person is demonstrating blatant and continuous disregard for the health and safety of the College community, Public Safety will require the individual to leave the College and report the same to that individual’s manager or the Vice President for Student Academic Success.

The Department of Public Safety can be reached at (810) 762-0222,
24 hours a day, seven days a week.