Notable Memories, Interactions, and News About Alumni

Arianna Pittenger

(2018 Biology) "An amazing time as a Mott Campus Clown!"

Darrin Arbor

(2018 Computer Occupations Tech) "Mott helped me get my life back."

Elijah Allen

(2018 Zoology) "TMOT (Talented Men of Tomorrow), Mott Campus Clowns, Security job."

D'Andre Dixon

(2018) "Joining TMOT."

Gwendolyn Hopkins

(2018 Studio Fine Arts) "Being a part of the Mott Campus Clowns."

Faylena Morris

(2016 Social Work) "I truly enjoyed my experiences at Mott. Going into the SW program helped to fuel my aspirations of becoming a substance abuse counselor. All the instructors I had were absolutely awesome."

Darrin Arbor

(2017 Computer Occupations Technology) "For all that Mott and their staff gave me, I thank you. For all I gave back to Mott, it was my pleasure. For the future of this illustrious institution, it will be grand. For everyday I rose to see the work I manifested with the assistance of my peers, instructors, friends, and heart goes out to you all. It was a vast journey that I would do over again, and enjoy it just as much. Mott has made me into a formidable asset within society. I was at odds with myself as to how to best go about getting my aspirations on track, yet Mott made me realize that it is never too late to dream and see how big those dreams can become. I THANK YOU MOTT!"

Susan Wachendorfer

(2016) wrote: "As a non-traditional student, Mott was a good fit for me. I enjoyed meeting students of all ages and paths of study. Coming back to school after a long period of time was the best decision I have ever made, and I feel Mott Community College has prepared me to transfer to U of M-Flint with confidence."

Dr. Jerone Landstrom

(1970s) is a Board Certified surgeon specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of hand, wrist and elbow disorders and carpal tunnel syndrome. He practices at the Pacific Hand Surgery Center in Guam. Dr Landstrom attended MCC in the 1970s, went on to become a surgeon and served in Afghanistan before joining the Pacific Hand Surgery Center. “I want the current students and potential future students of MCC to understand the excellence of education at MCC.” Dr. Landstrom received the ACS Pfizer 2013 Surgical & Humanitarian Award; has been in the ACS Bulletin with the Humanitarian Award 10/8/13; and has been included in the Guam Business Profile 6/2011.

Timothy Hunter

(2008) wrote: "I am now the Therapy Program Manager of a skilled nursing facility in Durand, MI. I had a great experience at Mott and got a fantastic education. I felt so well prepared from my education at Mott that I went on to receive a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in my field. Thank you, Mott!"

Alan LaVigne

(1990 alum) of Wesley Chapel, FL recently noted: "Earned an Associate in Arts from MCC in 1990, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Saint Leo University in 1994 and a Master of Science in Management from Colorado Tech University in 2013. Currently a Police Officer for the US Department of Veterans Affairs in Tampa, Florida." Additional Information: Married with 4 children.

Theodore Sevigny

(1965 FJC graduate) (General Studies) Of Gainesville, VA. " I proved to myself that I could successfully do college work, transferred to Oakland CC in 1966, served in the US Navy 2 years, served in Vietnam (67). I attended EMU 1968-72 (BS Degree - Maj Geography/Min History. Secondary Teaching Certificate), taught HS Social Studies at Port Huron Area Schools 1973-1980 when I was laid off. I then worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence as an analyst 1980 - 1987; worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency as a Naval Analyst and Senior Intelligence Officer 1987-2012; worked in Executive Support Office as Senior Intelligence Advisor 1996-2012; also served as Agency Liaison to the Executive Offices of the President following 3 1/2 tour in the White House Situation Room where I served as a Senior Duty Officer and Watch Commander. Retired from Federal Service in 2012; also retired as a Commander in the US Naval Reserve after 25 years of service."

Don Carter

(1976 graduate) Business Administration. He noted he retired in 2007 from Met Life and is now pastoring at Blackwell Memorial Baptist in Elizabeth City, NC.

Eric Stamm

(2003 graduate) on 4/8/13 thanked MCC, for "awarding me the Trustee Scholarship Award that allowed me to complete my degree and begin my career in real estate 11 years ago."

Lexis Balknight

(2006 graduate) recently became a member of the Alumni Association and commented: Attending Mott Community College has helped me in a number of ways to expand my education and career possibilities. As a Mott Community College alumna and previous transfer student, I have noticed a difference in my opportunities and am positive that attending Mott Community College was an excellent choice.

Michael K. Martin

('92 Liberal Arts) earned his associates degree at MCC, which led to a Bachelor of Business from U of M Flint in 1997. "That led to my Bach. of Science from Wayne State in 1998, which resulted in my licensure as a Funeral Director. The fine instruction at Mott has prepared me for all of the good things that have happened in my life. I have had the opportunity to become a business owner, a bank director, and a Village President, in large part, because of the exceptional start I had at Mott. Nothing has made a greater difference in my outcomes than education, and nothing prepared me more than the start I received at Mott Community College. I was 36 years old before I received my Associates degree from Mott, but so what! The difference education has made in my quality of life is without measure. It is never too late to step up to your potential. I stood in my own way for far too long, but you don't have to. Step up, and make a change in YOUR outcome!"

Adam Zuwala

(2011 graduate) recently became a member of the Alumni Association. He noted that he attended MCC from 2008 through 2011 when he graduated.

Bridget Martinez

(2011 graduate) also became a member of the Alumni Association and commented that she graduated in 2011 with a degree in Business.

Danielle Callahan

(2011 graduate from the Culinary Arts and Baking/Pastry Arts Programs) MCC is a great choice and very flexible! Instructors are very reliable and help you get through tough times.

Mary (Brockway) Yarbrough

(alum of '76 and 2005) was ordained a licensed Minister in December 2008 and received her Master's in Divinity from Equilete Seminary in April 2010.

Wilma Malaska

(1983 graduate of Food Management) lives in Sun City West, Arizona, and has been a professional clown for 23 years. She has 18 different characters with outfits to match. She says of instructor David Best, "What a great leader he was."

Kate (Yarbrough) Jonkman

Fine Arts graduate of 2006, received her Bachelor's Degree from GVSU in 2009 and offers freelance photography studio in Grand Rapids. She says of her time working on the creation of the Bruin Bear Statue which now resides outside the Ballenger Field House, "It was fun being a part of something that will become part of MCC's history."

Dennis Brookshire

(‘90 Associate in Science) transferred to the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. He is now working as an Energy Manager for Honeywell Int. “If it weren't for MCC, none of this success would have been possible.”

Gregory Gibson

(‘70 - ‘96 Fine Arts) said “The very open-minded instructors in the Fine Arts program were life changing!”

Michael Fox

(‘78 GM Apprentice) remembers that his physics teacher was a philosopher and “a great guy.” He was informative, funny, easy-going and a good teacher.

Rebecca McLogan

(‘76 Community Education and Art) said she thinks the MCC Art Program is great! She remains an MCC sports fan.

Joyce Vansickle, MLPN

(‘92 Nursing) was 43-years old when she started the nursing program. “I was so afraid that I couldn't do it. But, thanks to my nursing clinical instructor, Mrs. Balinger, I graduated with high honors at 45 yrs old!” She also worked part-time while going to school.

Sherry Brackins

(‘02 Criminal Justice) was employed with Federal Express after her graduation.

Patricia Karrick

(‘74-‘91 General Education) said it was a struggle to further her education due to various interruptions including work, military and being a single mother. “MCC gave me the opportunity to keep coming back. And I plan to return again soon and never quit.”

Gregory Schliter

(‘91 Business) remains an MCC sports fan. “The greatest thing about MCC was the ability to work and attend classes. You were able to set the pace based upon your schedule. MCC made it possible to get a higher education while maintaining a full-time job.”

Sandra Thurau

(‘75 Medical Nursing Assistant) enjoyed all her classes and instructors, especially Psychology and P&A. “I really wanted to be a nurse, but MCC had a waiting list, so I took a lot of pre-classes, and became a certified medical assistant.”

Sharon Duso

(‘72 Nursing) said Dr. Schleg was the “best of the best.”

Marjorie Gorelon

(‘77 LPN) said she is “so grateful to MCC. It enabled me to have a very fruitful life after the age of 57, including nursing for 13 months in Jerusalem, Israel. God Bless you!”

Heidi Dowd

(Nursing) said Lilly McCain was one of her “favorite” instructors. “She was very interesting and really knew how to present material. Mr. Rozycki was also a great instructor.”

Alan Houtaling

(‘68 Education/ Anthropology) remembers being in class with Don Brewer, drummer of Grand Funk Railroad and William Johnson of Political Science went on to be head of Urban League. Wise B. Joseph was his favorite instructor. He remains an MCC sports fan.

Reginald Simmons

(‘81 Psychology - Pre Med) reports she is self employed. Janette Blake (‘80 Nursing) said, “I enjoyed the year I had as a ward conference nurse in my clinicals of nursing. My teacher had a sense of humor. We did a fruit roll-up - she nearly climbed the blackboard. I think her name was Ruby Thomas.”

Marquita Coleman

(‘65 French) said she remembers playing cards in the Union Hall when President Kennedy was shot. “I was a cheerleader, but we couldn't travel to away games.”

Gina Laajala

(‘06 Associate of Arts) said her favorite instructor was Chet Wilson of Geology.

Kerie Kachel

(‘84 Nursing) said her best memories of MCC were Mrs. Pauline Barr and Mrs. Janice Haupt.

Susanne Boyd

(‘02 Child Development) is employed at Head Start. John O’Brien (‘03 General Studies) said, “I took classes to improve my abilities and to enjoy my special interests. I still enjoy scuba diving, piano, computer, Spanish and the rest of the subjects I took at MCC. Thank you so much. It was great.”

Trina Stewart

(‘87 General Studies) said Eva Fizette was very helpful in helping her to graduate. “She always told me that I could be the best and I held on to that dream.” She also remembers the Game Room as “most exciting.”

William Chatterson

(‘82 Fine Arts) said, “Bob Caskey has had a lifelong influence on my career and helped shape my personal values. He gave everything to his students - he will be missed.”

Kathi Scruggs

(‘90 ADN) said “The entire nursing program and staff were great for my educational learning.”

Marilyn Kennedy

(‘70 - ‘90 Business) said her voice/music teacher was her favorite instructor. “He said I sing like Ella Fitzgerald - Mr. Bumbgard - he’s deceased.”

David Wilson

(‘80 Associate of Science) remains an MCC sports fan. He reports that Cy Leder of Eng 102 and Dr Wilson of Geology were his favorite instructors.

Kathy Flowers

(‘90 Deaf Studies) said Fairy Hayes-Scott was the best teacher she had. "I loved MCC! I wish it was a 4-yr college. Campus was nice, teachers were great, people were friendly & I refer many people to MCC."

John K. Krupp, MBA, CPA

"Even though I am an alumnus of two other universities, my heart is only with "Flint Junior College" and its subsequent names. I contribute so much more to you than I do to the other two colleges combined. And I plan to continue that for as long as I can. Being involved with the alumni association, I feel more "connected" to the college and this makes me realize that not only my education there was superior, but now my association with all of you there has enhanced my viewpoint of just what the college is about. It is wonderful to know that you all embrace alums like me to your Foundation. Please continue to provide the finest education that is possible. The college and the town provided me with my basic start in the world and, as I said above, is where my heart is. Thank you for all that you have done for me and countless other students there." -

Ted Cragar

recently noted: "MCC was my best educational and social college experience! I was involved in studies, varsity sports, intramurals and plays. My degrees: AA in 1964 at MCC, BS in 1967 at CMU, and MBA in 1973 at Pepperdine."

Dr. Jim Nelson, Jr.

graduated in 1961 with an Associates Degree in Science (Pre-Med) and is an allergist. He credits MCC with getting him into medical school, citing that the special attention and quality education he received at MCC encouraged him to succeed.

Karolina Oller

(1989 Business Administration) lives in Lansing and says, "Professor Prokos is still in my head, teaching English 101 and 102! My perseverance paid off - I received my BA in 1996!"

Louis Markee

(1970 Library Arts) lives in Flint and remembers that his political science teacher, Mr. Melchir, was always interesting to listen to. He also fondly recalls the rec room "and all the good looking girls there to feast your eyes on."

Veronica Yates

lives in Flint and remains an MCC sports fan. She recalls that she took a math course during summer and "it was a lot of work! It was a two hour class that met four times per week! It was my one and only A in math from grade school to college! Great teacher!"

Dr. Carla Cook

, a retired radiation oncologist, attended Flint Jr. College from 1955-1957.