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TRiO-SSS Members Only

The ultimate goal of the TRiO-SSS program is that its participants attain a bachelors degree. As a member of the TRiO-SSS program you are offered support and a variety of FREE services to help you succeed at MCC and transfer to the college or university of your choice. While each student is unique and needs the TRiO-SSS program for different reasons and to varying degrees, students are required to participate in SSS activities.

Laptop Loan Program

The SSS program has 20 laptop computers available for loan. These laptops are equipped with WIFI Internet access and Microsoft software such as Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint. SSS members may use these laptops to complete homework between classes, type papers, or surf the web. The laptop loan service is available to SSS members (who are registered for the current semester) and is free of charge. Members must provide their own flash drive or disk for saving files. Downloading or saving files to the laptop is not allowed. For more information and/or to borrow an SSS laptop, please see an SSS Coordinator in the Learning Center located in the Prahl College Center.

We understand that college students are busy not only with classes, but also with families, work, etc. Because of this we have implemented an incentive system based on earning points for participating in SSS activities.

To stay in the TRiO-SSS program all we ask is that you keep your Support Services Coordinator informed of your progress and participate in at least one activity each semester you are registered at MCC. Actively participating in the program keeps you eligible for the FREE services offered including the TRiO-SSS Grant.

What are Participation Points?

Participation points are designed to keep you involved! By taking advantage of any of the services listed in this handbook (professional tutoring, workshops, cultural events, university visits, and coordinator chat), you earn participation points.

Participation Points will:

  • Show the TRiO-SSS staff how active you are in the SSS Program. Earning Participation Points will allow you to remain a member of the SSS Program.
  • Be a determining factor in a member's eligibility for the TRiO-SSS Grant. SSS members applying for the Grant must have earned at least 250 Participation Points to be considered for the Grant.
  • Earn SSS members the eligibility to attend cultural enrichment activities (which include cultural events and university visits). Participation Points can be earned by:
    • Meeting with an SSS staff member 10 points (max. 30pts/week)
    • Attending professional tutoring 50 points (per hour)
    • Attending workshops 300 points
    • Attending university visits 500 points
    • Attending cultural events 00 points

All TRiO-SSS members will receive a mid-term “Survival Kit” for both the fall and winter semesters. The “Survival Kit” will contain educational items and “goodies” to assist students with their education/study habits/promotion of the SSS Program. Items in the Survival Kits will vary by semester.

August 30, 2016
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