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Current Course Offerings
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) provides emergency medical support to people who are injured or critically ill and transports them to a medical facility, if necessary. The ultimate task of an EMT is to assess the medical needs of the sick or injured person and provide immediate care, with priority given to those who are the most seriously in need of help. This course is designed for anyone interested in working in public safety, including fire, police and ambulance operations. This EMT program will be unique with the integration of simulated scenarios utilizing life-like manikins. No other program can match the level of simulation training we provide.
DateDays / TimeCost
February 20 - April 27, 2017 Mon - Thur / 9:00am - 3:30pm $1500.00


Basic Life Support (BLS) 2015
This course is designed for medical professionals, physicians, nurses, nursing students, EMS personnel, and dental and allied health professionals who are in need of a credentialed CPR class. Upon successful completion, an American Heart Association completion card is provided.


Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
TCCC is structured to accomplish three primary goals: treat the casualty; prevent additional casualties; complete the mission by using a customized TCCC program designed to meet the principles of emergent trauma care. Upon successful completion, all participants will receive a TCCC certification card, T-shirt, Combat Application Tourniquet, and a TCCC manual. The course is open to anyone; First Responders (Police, EMS, Firefighters, etc.) will receive 16 CEUs.


Heartsaver CPR AED
This course is designed for family members or worksite lay responders who need to be certified in CPR. It fulfills the requirement for those who respond to a cardiac emergency because of a job responsibility or regulatory requirement. Upon successful completion, and American Heart Association completion card is provided.



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