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Employee Giving Campaign

The Foundation for MCC

We Are One … And We Need You!

Dear Employee:

As a member of the college community, I’m sure you know that MCC makes an impact on people’s lives, on campus and in the community. And as a valued employee you understand the importance of providing high quality education for our students. You should know that you can make a difference in someone’s life every day.

Now, we have a tremendous opportunity to continue these great efforts that help to produce wonderful experiences, successful outcomes, and life-changing moments for the students and the communities we serve. You have the power to transform lives with your gifts.

We’re aiming for 100 percent participation in our 2017-18 employee giving campaign and encouraging every employee to make a gift, with an emphasis on unrestricted giving -- giving where the need is greatest. I can think of numerous instances where gifts have created opportunities, second chances, new beginnings, a way out…the list goes on.

When you give, it shows that:

  • You know it can transform the lives of those who live, work and raise families in our area
  • You are a proud member of the MCC family demonstrating your support of the college to our community
  • You believe in MCC so strongly that you’re willing to support MCC above and beyond your work
  • You value the importance of helping to provide a better quality of life for residents

Please do your best, and consider giving more, if you can. Even giving $1 is a significant gesture in helping us achieve our goal of getting every single employee to give during this campaign. In these uncertain economic times, the need is great for many of our students and their families. We need your support, now more than ever. Every gift matters. Every gift is important. Please join me in helping your friends, colleagues, and neighbors continue to benefit from receiving the high quality educational opportunities MCC provides, and thank you for your support.



Lennetta Coney

The Foundation for MCC



August 15, 2017
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