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Media Arts & Entertainment Technology

Associate in Applied Science

This program focuses on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in the fields of video, audio, cinema, radio, television, music and live event production. The curriculum integrates a wide range of pre-production, production, and post-production experiences with the insights offered by media aesthetics, history, theory, and analysis. A heavy emphasis will be placed on the creation of content and messages that are compelling, effective and of substantial quality. Graduates will find a wide range of professional employment, both in Michigan and nationally, including positions in the motion picture film, cable and broadcasting industries, at recording studios and concert venues, for streaming media websites, at advertising agencies and post-production houses, or with corporations, school systems, churches, and non-profits. Others will transfer to a four-year college to further their studies, or go into business for themselves and start their own production companies.

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Program Information

Students must take 12 credits of 200 level MAET courses

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MAET Resources for Career or Transfer

Whether you're looking to transfer onto a bachelor of arts program, find an internship, submit your movie to a festival, or you're just beginning your career search, MAET Resources will help you take you to the next step.

Degree Information

  • Credit Hours: 65
  • Contact Hours: 76

Recommended Math Pathway: Test out by placing into MATH 120 or higher on the MCC Placement test OR Complete any 100 level or higher Mathematics course.

Writing Requirements: ENGL-101

Degree Pathway

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours Contact Hours
Year One
MAET-100Intro to Media Production 46
MAET-110Media History & Theory 33
ENGL-101English Composition I 33
MATH-120 *Intermediate Algebra * 44
Total 1416
MAET-150Radio-Television News Production 46
MAET-120Media Aesthetics 33
MAET-180Intro to Screenwriting 44
PHOTO-180Basic Photography 33
THTR-120Acting I - Fundamentals of Acting 33
Total 1719
Spring / Summer
MAET-210 ^Cinema Production 46
MAET-160 ^Media Entrepreneurship 33
Total 79
Year Two
MAET-200Television & Commerical Production 46
ART.-146Typography and Type Design 36
ENGL-102English Composition II 33
SOCY-191Introductory Sociology 33
Total 1318
MAET-250Documentary Production 46
MUS.-105Introduction to Music Technology 33
MUS.-186Introduction to Film Music 33
Intro to Geographic Information Systems
Personal Money Management


Total 1414
* Test out by placing into MATH 130 or higher on the MCC Placement test OR Complete any 100 level or higher Mathematics course
^ Spring
December 6, 2016
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