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Counseling & Student Development

During peak registration periods if students are not able to be seen during normal business hours, a priority scheduled appointment will be made for your convenience.

Mott Community College’s Counseling and Student Development Division (CASD) provides students with a road map to college success right from the start.

Counseling Faculty

Students who are General Study degree majors or are Undecided about their major program or career plans should see a counselor for educational support in the Counseling Center. Our Licensed Professional Counselors are also trained to provide assistance with confidential personal issues which interfere with your college studies.

Advising Faculty

Students who are Decided about their major program and related career plans should see an advisor for educational support in the Academic Advising Center. MCC faculty members who are specialists in our degree and certificate programs make up the advising team.

Prospective Students

Pre-admission counseling and advising is available. Meet our counselors or advisors and learn about MCC programs that fit your career and educational goals. Your next step is to apply to MCC.

New Students

Students who will need financial aid should apply as soon as possible. After you receive your acceptance to MCC you will complete the following steps:

Each MCC course has a reading level prerequisite.
Review this Reading Prerequisite FAQ for more information.

Current Students

Counselors and Advisors are available to students throughout their studies at MCC.

A student with a Grade Point Average (GPA) below 2.0 must meet with a counselor or advisor prior to registering for the next semester.

Satellite Locations

Southern Lakes Branch Center - Fenton, the Lapeer Extension Center and the Northern Tier Center - Clio have orientation, academic advising and placement testing available on a rotating schedule. For more information, call the satellite campus at the number listed below:

Southern Lakes Branch Center - Fenton (810) 762-5000
Lapeer Extension Center (810) 667-4166
Northern Tier Center - Clio (810) 232-8044

ACT Testing

MCC is an official ACT test site. To register pick up a paper application in our office or visit the ACT website.

July 25, 2017
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