The Aspen Institute Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence Top 150 2017

Committee for the Assessment of Student Learning (CASL)

The Committee for the Assessment of Student Learning (CASL) is composed of faculty members from every academic division, as well as academic administrators. The committee meets monthly to continuously monitor and improve assessment activities on campus.

The committee has the following goals:

  • To implement, monitor and improve assessment activities on campus
  • To better inform the faculty about assessment techniques
  • To increase the number of faculty members participating in assessment
  • To continually increase the number of ways assessment results are used on campus to improve student learning
  • To provide assessment data regarding general education learning outcomes

General Education Assessment Information

Last Name First Name Division Office Phone Number Notes
Doerr Jennifer Humanities CM1103 (810) 232-8879  
Ferguson Alana Business CM2133 (810) 232-6293  
Schaaf David Counseling & Student Development PCC2030 (810) 762-0492  
Gibes Debra Experiential Learning CM1101 (810) 232-2673  
Rembiesa David Fine Arts & Social Sciences MMB1020 (810) 762-5613  
Rueterbusch Melissa Fine Arts & Social Sciences MMB2101A (810) 762-0334
Rethman Nicholas Health Sciences  DRHM2010 (810) 762-5631  
Anthony Janet Humanities CM2017 (810) 232-5877  
Hancock Lori Institutional Research CM1004 (810) 762-0312  
Bray Michael Institutional Research CM1006 (810) 235-5877  
Glenn Michelle PRQ CM1009 (810) 762-0483  
Wandrey Lynn Science & Math G2205B (810) 762-0030 Chair
Illian Josua Science & Math G3205C (810) 233-7814  
Svellar Rick Technology RTC3106 (810) 762-0313  




December 16, 2016
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